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Default Staring at people?

Does anyone stare at people? I have a bad habit of doing this. They never seem to notice. Although Iím sure some do realize it. I try not to do it. I think I can get into trouble for it too. I donít know why I do it. Does anyone have any suggestions or comments?
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Default Re: Staring at people?

I do that sometimes. Usually I avoid contact or just look at something random. But sometimes someone else, or something in the back of my head goes you're supposed to look at the person you're talking to...then I proceed to stare awkwardly. But when you're not supposed to....I think it helps if you give yourself something to look at. Like your phone or whatever you carry around. Or just some random thing out there. May not be much less awkward though if you're staring very intensely at a fire hydrant.
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Default Re: Staring at people?

I do stare at people sometimes. For the most part I just go with it and let people think what they want. There have been a few occasions where I have felt bad. For example, if the person I'm staring at just happens to be in a wheelchair and I don't want them to feel insecure and think I'm staring because of that, which is totally not the reason I was staring it's just because they happened to be the person closest to me. Other than things like that I don't consider this too much of a problem since I have stopped caring what people think of me. I suppose it could cause problems in trying to make friends though but my only in-person friend is also on the spectrum so she understands.
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