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Default About Finding Therapist for Adult Autism

I have found this to be almost impossible. That is, finding a therapist who specializes in adult autism. The tricky problem here is the word, "adult." I live in a state capital, too. I found one woman who specialized in adult autism, as she also had it. She did not take insurance and charged a very high rate to see someone. I saw her only 3-4 times and then lost her. I could not find another, there was just no way. I recommend calling one of the autism organizations to get a possible referral. Also, ask every therapist you know of if they know of any counselor with adult autism experience..

I have decided that any excellent therapist should be able to help an adult who has realized they have ASD or Asperger's. Good luck to everyone searching for a therapist who specializes in adult autism. This is almost non-existant. I also advise reading a lot of books on the subject. I have tried that but I only care about how it affects me, not others. I am trying to work this out. I wish you the best in your efforts to find someone to talk to. I also wish myself good luck with this. I may have found some excellent therapists at a crisis treatment center. I send love to all of you!
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Default Re: About Finding Therapist for Adult Autism

There is a local prescribing specialist near me. Unfortunately her practice was full. I had been forced to change health ins providers and lost my old one. I was desperate, to put it mildly. I found her fax number and sent her several reasons why I needed her now. Rude? Maybe. She called me in a few days and set an appointment.
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Default Re: About Finding Therapist for Adult Autism

I have been wondering what such therapy might be? We have social services sponsored board game groups and other aspie socializing. Some communications reciprocity, accentuation (not speaking in a too monotone voice), body language, and facial expressions training would be nice, I think I am lacking with regards to all of these. Not that I expect miracles. Therapy for adults is rare probably because interest is low, as in the end of the day the only way to live happily with autism is to accept the condition.
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