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My Mood: The loss of, or perhaps absence of wonder

Default The loss of, or perhaps absence of wonder

I'm wondering now if wonder was something I ever had or if it is something that degraded over time. My memory is so poor so I have difficulty remembering which is true, & even the existant memories have proven to be more difficult during acute depressive episodes. Is wonder essential to a worthwhile life? Do we/those on the spectrum struggle with this concept? For me, wonder is concept that has probably existed on a continuum. Nonetheless, I feel that there was something in my being that kept me from tapping into depths of wonder that many others could. I don't know to what extent this is a chicken or the egg scenario as a matter of being the product of ASD versus being a product of the depression that follows up from ASD. What are your experiences (peers on the spectrum) with wonder? Has anyone found strategies for engaging wonder? Is there an answer that is better than just magical thinking that phenomena is for the best?

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My Mood: The loss of, or perhaps absence of wonder

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Default Re: The loss of, or perhaps absence of wonder

How do you define wonder?
I have wondered at the incredible beauty and sometimes human-like behavior of wild horses. I have also wondered at the beauty and depth of color in flowers, of the gorgeous clouds in the sky, etc. Don't you appreciate these types of things?
Maybe if you slowed down and took the time to more closely view the world around you, this wonder could return to you. It might be a matter of taking the time for yourself. I think that is how if works for me, anyway.
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