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Default Complete Personality Change on Meds. Help Needed


So Im new here. about 4 or 5 days ago I began taking Focalin, a very low dose since my body is very sensitive.

Anyway, I stared taking it before final exams. The first day I felt more motivated and focused to get things done. But then this brain fog showed up, everything feels so disconnected and surreal. Like for example while answering questions on a practice exam I would answer them automatically without thinking and its just..weird..its like I know the answer but I don't.
Super weird.
On Monday I took the pill, and went to finals, I did great! and then all the troubles started.
Right after I was done with finals I expected some like relief but no...I was still anxious my head still felt tight and terrible. It just felt terribly anxious.
Then when I came home to Skype my boyfriend I was just so irritated. My boyfriend said he could not skype and where as most of the time I would be just a bit sad because I was looking forward to it, I would always understand.
But this time i got mad, I pushed him away and was mean to him, I had an intrusive anxiety thought and I went into a crying panic. I told my boyfriend maybe we were not meant to be in a frenzy of fear and anger and that I was worried I would cheat (It is an irrational fear of mine).

I was able to have some clear conscious to clear it up in my head but it was a very VERY emotional process I would not stop crying. It took me a while to realize I was being irrational.

Yesterday I talked to him I explained myself and we kinda went past it but then again I began to space out it was like I disassociated, I was just doing things on automatic it was like I had no feelings for him. I began to wonder if I even loved him. And then I became obsessed over this. If you asked me if I loved him right now I would just have blank thought. Which gave me even more anxiety because it was proof I did not love him anymore. I panicked and Mood swings I would cry and then have clarity and say yeah you love him, and then cry and cry. I didnt take my medicine yesterday. Monday was the last time I took it.

Any advise?
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Default Re: Complete Personality Change on Meds. Help Needed

Hi RainyDaysandAnxiety. Welcome to Psych Central. Sorry you are having mood swings and problems with boyfriend. You might want to tell your prescribing doc that you have missed your medicine and about your mood swings and maybe they can help you get back on meds to keep stable.
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