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Default Reoccuring thought, 24/7, for 4 years??

So Iíve had the same thought from age 6 to age 10 non stop. Currently I am 18 and I no longer have this thought, how I overcame it I donít know. Basically when I say 24/7 I am not kidding. I donít remember when it exactly started but the earliest memory I have when I was six and I was taking a math test, but ever since then I vividly remember as if someone kept saying the words on repeat and it never. Stopped. Once. The words were stupid, they were ďB*tch GodĒ which makes no sense, but it sounded less like my thought and more like someone kept saying them. Every waking moment I heard them and sometimes they were so loud I couldnít even pay attention to what was at hand, and the quieter the area I was in the louder the thought. Eventually I mentally focused on stopping the thought and over time it slowed to about 80% of the day, to a few hours a day, to a few days a week, few days a month, to a couple minutes a year, now nothing. I mean I can totally think ďB*tch GodĒ all I want but it wonít repeat anymore. I mean I have ADHD but my case compared to others is very mild, nobody can really tell I have ADHD honestly, sometimes I question how the doctors decided I have it (besides tapping my fingers or fidgeting my legs all the time, but thatís it) but Iím just curious, as it crossed my mind today, why did I keep thinking those thoughts? Like has anyone else ever experienced that? Is there even a term for it? Wild thought: did it cause my ADHD or did taking control of my thoughts help lessen my ADHD, or what role (if any) does my ADHD possible play in this? Thanks in advance!!
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Hello Frankaydoodle: I cannot answer your questions. But I noticed this is your first post here on PC. So... welcome to PsychCentral. I hope you find PC to be of benefit.
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Default Re: Reoccuring thought, 24/7, for 4 years??

Sounds like a self assessment vision you focused on yourself for a bad deed
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