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My Mood: apps to stay on task?

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Default apps to stay on task?

Hi there, I was wondering if anybody knows of Android apps that help them stay on task. Part of my problem is that if I switch focus for even 30 seconds, I may forget what I was doing and wander off.

I am going to try a Pomodoro app, but that's more for keeping you fresh once you're actually rolling on a task - it's kind of a 25 minute work, 5 minutes break timer. Not sure it will work for me unless I can maintain discipline to not multitask AT ALL while working, but even remembering to (not) do that is a problem as I'm sure some of you are familiar with!

I can't stay on my adderall I don't think, it's pushing me toward bipolar mixed/hypomanic states with disturbing regularity, opposing meds don't work, and I am DREADING giving it up because it has helped me so much in staying on task since I went on it. And even then, my productivity is very low, but it's way better than before.

So I need to try all other alternatives. This could be a game changer for me, my life is a mess and I have a LOT of crap to do to fix it.
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Default Re: apps to stay on task?

I like the app Stay On Task personally - it basically it's an alarm that goes off after a random amount of time and asks if you're still working or not. You touch the icon that corresponds to what you're doing and it resets the alarm. It works for my situation hopefully it will help you too.
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