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Default Awkward Encounter w/ T

I have been going to therapy off and on for anxiety and depression. My mom is an alcoholic and I've been told that I have some attachment issues from my childhood as well. About 5 years ago I became very attached to my T. I trusted her and believed she could help me. Over time, I realized she didn't understand the attachment or how to help me, and I became bitter and angry because of this. I decided it was best to switch to a different T and to try another approach.
Over the weekend, I was attending an evening function for a charity. I was in a crowded room and turned around and was face to face w/ my old T. It freaked me out, I didn't say anything. I just quickly turned around and walked the other way. Has this ever happened to any of you? I feel silly about it.
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Many years ago, I saw a school counselor, for a short time, at the college I was attending. I quit after only a few sessions. One day I passed him on the street. I don't really recall for sure... but I suppose I must have smiled & said hello. I seem to recall he did as well. But I do remember that, at the time, it felt awkward. I've quit quite a few therapists since then, over the years. But fortunately I haven't encountered any of them.
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