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Default Help me deal with attachment to therapist

Hello community,

I am starting to feel intense emotions surrounding my attachment to my therapist. I am starting to love her. I have told her everything I am feeling. There is some erotic transference, we are keeping an eye on it.

The feelings are SO painful. I imagine her and her husband together and it feels like abandonment. It hurts SO much.

Any suggestions how to deal with this?

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My Mood: Help me deal with attachment to therapist

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Default Re: Help me deal with attachment to therapist

Keep talking about it with her. It's a process to work through, to get to where it's ok that you aren't a part of her personal life, but she is a big part of yours, via being your therapist. It's an inequality that doesn't go away, but the intense feelings can ease, as you learn to accept it. It's hard, and painful, and she can help you with it as you go.
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