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sonjaward809 01-12-2018 12:32 PM

Tons of anxiety
Does anybody have problems with being alone? Specifically if your out in public? My anxiety overwhelms me when I'm out and about. It's not so bad when I have somebody with me (usually a family member), but I'm still on high alert for anything or anybody who may be laughing or looking at me. It's a weird feeling. I get nervous that I'm going to embarrass myself or look stupid in front of strangers.

It's also worse if I'm at a gathering with friends. I will stay quiet because I don't want to say something stupid. I will go as far as avoiding hanging out with my friends too because I'm soo scared. I hate parties or anything like that. Basically anything where I'm around people I'm on alert and terrified. I try my best to hide it, and I'm not sure if my friends will understand how scary it is for me to be around people. I only feel comfortable hanging out at my house too .. if I'm in my room I'm okay but if I have to go to their house I start to panic.

I'm also scared of driving, especially on highways. But that stems from my PTSD. I lost 4 of my cousins in a wreck when I was 11 and ever since then I've been super scared to drive. My mom eventually got me to come around to the idea of driving when I was like 19 and I got my license around 21.

Idk .. I feel like an idiot because these are things I shouldn't be afraid of but I am. My anxiety keeps me from doing a lot of things and I wish it would just go away already.

sans 01-12-2018 01:07 PM

Re: Tons of anxiety
Definitely feeling that way here! Working on cognitive behavior therapy group called recovery inc. Iíve only been to one meeting, but it seems promising. Maybe thereís a support group in your area. I googled support for agoraphobia and was happy to find something in my area.
Whatís cool about it is a lot of healthy ways to change the way we think. Thereís actually probably info in this forum somewhere. Thereís just so much here, which is awesome!
Sorry about your cousins. Thatís really sad and can see why you have that ptsd about driving. I havenít driven on freeways in many years. Iíve been told many times to face my fears, a little bit each day. I drove one exit on the expressway a few years back, and just didnít want to work that hard I guess.
I wish you the best! Keep trying and donít give up. Even the tiny steps are something to feel good about! Iím cheering for you xo

mote.of.soul 01-24-2018 09:57 PM

Re: Tons of anxiety
No, you're not an idiot, and I can definitely relate to many of the aspects you mentioned. Being alone on my own is the best thing for me [at this stage] but being alone in public, my goodness, I'm constantly - and I mean constantly - going through all the coping strategies I know. It's awful. But sometimes I have a 'good' day so that's okay. You're not alone in your struggles sonjaward809, trust me. There's a good possibility you can work your way through, and even overcome these anxieties as well, so keep fighting and don't give up. You'll get there eventually, don't worry.

key tones 01-28-2018 03:16 PM

Re: Tons of anxiety
I donít have a specific thing Iím afraid of, but I donít like to go out alone.

I find that Iím overwhelmed with lonliness and anxiety when Iím out and strangers are all around me. They all look happy and like they are enjoying their lives. They look like they have family. I only have my adult daughter.

I quit looking people in the eye after my husband passed away. Now I occasionally hear that someone (coworker) feels I have blown past them without saying hello. Itís not thatóI just donít look at anyone.

I had this problem where when I went to the grocery store, I was overwhelmed by the bright colors of everything. That part has gone away, but a remnant if that feeling is still with me.

I donít want to ride the bus. I donít want to be alone with that many strangers.

I have something I need to do today, but I donít know if Iíll make it out.

ken9018 02-03-2018 09:52 PM

Re: Tons of anxiety
I'm kind of the same way. I said kind of because I'm a little better now. I used to be terrified of going anywhere alone or staying home alone. I specifically had to have someone around all the time. Especially when my anxiety was really high. Its better now because I can go to school. What helped me was therapy and medication. But I also eventually had to take the first step. I practiced being alone while at home or maybe had my parents drop me off somewhere by myself for just a few minutes. Eventually minutes turn into hours and hours will turn into days. You'll have to take the first step and try being alone for a few. My old therapist used to say.. You have to do some things scared.

bobcat21 02-03-2018 11:45 PM

Re: Tons of anxiety
Yes I am the same way I am constantly worried what if.. I can't shake that feeling and it's horrible. I'm trying to get better I really am but it's a slow process.

Fharraige 02-04-2018 02:56 PM

Re: Tons of anxiety
I have some of the same issues. The only place I've been without my husband in the vicinity is my hairdresser. I don't know why but she puts me at ease.

My husband drives just about everywhere, so I haven't driven much either. It's hard to drive around here, though, with everything close by. I would really love to move; however, house prices are expensive for the amount of space we need. Plus we have two young adults going to college and staying here to save money for when they move out.

While I haven't had panic attacks in a while, I still feel really anxious. I do a lot of stuff online, though, like going to college. So, it's not like I'm bored and scared at the same time.

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