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Default I can't talk to people

you guys my brain just shuts off when Im around people I'm not comfortable with(most people) fr its crazy and I HATE it its really messing with my life anybody have any advice? its really getting to me.

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Default Re: I can't talk to people

It's tough to struggle with that. One thing that helped me is to focus less on how I feel and more on what I am trying to accomplish and what they might be feeling. For example, in walking up to a cashier, I focus on paying for what I am buying and try to be thoughtful to them because they are probably tired from being on their feet all day. When you focus on those two things and do your best to ignore the rest, it should help you get through it easier.

It also helps to put yourself in the situation over and over...even if it isn't comfortable. And, allow yourself to make mistakes without criticizing yourself. It gives you the chance to build on what isn't working each time you try.
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Default Re: I can't talk to people

It may help to observe the people you are around and how they conduct themselves. I've said this to others before.

Watch people around you interact. Learn their non verbal cues and learn what seems to work and not work. Adapt then your own manner of contact. You might find that if it were to be less strained then you would find such situations less irritating and possibly even enjoyable.

I get uncomfortable too. And some types of people are really hard for me to be around. But I actually practise such situations - yes, I rehearse conversations.
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