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Default Hellos question!

Hi I'm new to the forum. I have been diagnosed for awhile with anxiety and depression I'm pretty sure I may be bipolar I have 2 sisters with bipolar but have never been diagnosed with it. I do know I have pretty bad anxiety at times, so bad its hard for me to talk to new people I have to force myself to talk at my job which has became easier as I've gotten older. Now I've came to terms with it and gotten on a nice "combo" of medication that gets rid of most of depression and anxiety debilitating migraines I'm a pretty well functioning adult.
I do have a question for anyone with GAD/depression. Do you think it's wise to be in a relationship with someone who also has about the same diagnosis as you? Maybe even worse symptoms? I seem to also gravitate to people with problems like mine to help them get better then it seems to aggravate my own problems and soon turns toxic. I wonder if this is a normal thing . any
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Well... I think it's pretty-well established that one person with depression in a relationship will tend to cause the other person in the relationship to experience at least some depression as well. So if both parties to a relationship have similar problems, it seems inevitable they are going to feed off of one another.

On the other hand, if both partners struggle with similar problems, then at least they can understand one another's struggles. More often than not, it seems to me, people who don't struggle with mental health challenges themselves have little or no understanding of, or tolerance for, those of us who do. So I guess, at least from my perspective, there can be both a plus & a minus side to a relationship where both members struggle with GAD & depression.

To me, the key here is to what extent the two individuals are aware of their own, as well as their partner's, struggles & are will to do what needs to be done to work on the relationship. To the extent both parties to a relationship are willing to be open & work constructively on the relationship I think such a relationship can work as well as, or perhaps even better than, any other relationship. From my perspective open communication is the key to any healthy relationship. At least these are my thoughts with regard to your post.
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Default Re: Hellos question!

I think Skeezyks said it best! ^

Welcome to PC Element87. I hope it wil be of some help to you.
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Default Re: Hellos question!

Welcome to PC!

The question I would ask is this: would you be strong enough to take care of the other person, without being affected yourself? You will still need to do self-care even if the other person is feeling down or anxious.
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Default Re: Hellos question!

My therapist has a saying, "It's like two people with broken legs trying to help each other walk". In fact whenever you are discharged from a psyche hospital, it is requested that you do not contact any friends you make while you are an inpatient. But on the other hand, it's nice to be able to talk to someone who understands how you feel... Hope you can find a happy medium.
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