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Grin giving self props over anxiety issues

so I really truly most give myself props for dealing with my anxiety well.

I used to have such terrible terrible issues with social anxiety and to a degree i really still do I just don't let it show that much.

but I am so proud of myself I am a bisexual female and I have a boyfriend but I have permission to talk to girls and to flirt with girls. lol or other things... possibly...

but I am finally getting better and not being so scared around girls and talking to them or getting up the nerve to ask them out on dates which personally to me is a big stepping stone to me but to me every day feels like a stepping stone.

i am even learning how to deal with reject better then what I used to before in the past.
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Default Re: giving self props over anxiety issues

I have social anxiety too and I'm glad you're beating it - keep it up!!!
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