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Default Birthday Party

We to a party last night. I tried to talk my hubby into not going but he thought I was looking forward to it. Plus it let take my dad to a party with some colleagues. Within 10 minutes of being there I wanted to go back home. I sat with the colleagues for a little bit. I tried joking with them and engaging in basic chit-chat. I was ignored more often than not. I got to feeling uncomfortable so I went back to the other side of the patio.

My dad, who is very hard of hearing but refuses to get shearing aid, went with us to the party. He was not able to enjoy the people because they sat on the other end of the patio. He kept asking me what people were laughing about. I got annoyed because his quality of life would be so much better if he would just get a hearing aid! I get annoyed because I have to keep explaining things to him.

And my husband, who is a big man, could only sit on one chair on the patio because it is the only one sturdy enough to hold him, was not able to participate because the people didn't include him either. I could see his annoyance developing so I got even more annoyed to anger level.

So there we sat. My anger growing as we sat there until I just completely withdrew. I do not know why I thought it would be different than every other day. After only 3 hours I hinted to my hubby that we needed to go. He agreed so we left.

I am not like them, my colleagues. I do not know why I try.
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