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Default Delayed reaction to cold meds ect

My question that no DR. or person has been able to answer is this: As of the last 10 years or so, if I take Nyquil ,cold meds, drink "1 beer" etc... NOT UNTILL 4 DAYS LATER will I have MAJOR difficulty keeping stress down (even about past issues). And like I said, ”1 beer” or cold medicine will do this. And it can be realy bad at moments, explosive and very dangerous. THIS WILL LAST 4 MORE DAYS Now granted, my life for the past x amount of years has been extremely stressful almost daily and I have a ton of baggage Im trying to get past . But this issue has happend even without stressfull times...This issue is what is cripling me from getting past and on with healing. I have insomnia now and Im very afraid to take anything. So I can see being on edge.. But this is amplified. I can even be in a decent space that week, on vacation and decide to have a beer… so no real time stressors, except 4 days later. This has got to be a brain chemistry thing. I have taken different depression meds for 27 years and smoke alittle indica in the evening only (only thing that makes me relax and take another breath to try again). I have tried switching all my meds, even quiting smoking and quitting all meds... something is wrong with my brain and its killing me (or will kill me someday). I have tracked this on a calander at times, its very real and not my imagination..

Has anybody experienced this? have any links that address this?
Please; I dont need a lecture on the smoking (it hasnt allways been a variable) .

Any ideas? Point me in a better direction to find answer? Every DR. I have had has no idea..
Thanks in advance.
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My Mood: Delayed reaction to cold meds ect

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Default Re: Delayed reaction to cold meds ect

No lectures from me. Questions though, since yeah of course the anticipation of some type of delayed reaction sounds horrendous in and of itself.
This happens with or without being rested?
When you say explosive, is that temper or the anxiety/panic attack is explosive in its onset? You've been treated for depression but not anxiety in the past, am I understanding correctly?
Does your mood go haywire or is it full blown palpitations, sweating, jitters?
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