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Jennifer 1967
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Default Re: Public Speaking Anxiety

I can relate as well. I had to do a fair amount of public speaking in my job and while I got my Masterís degree. It was always painful and awkward. I finally decided to play to my strengths and stop beating myself for not having a natural inclination to public speaking. I admire you for tackling this fear.

I agree that it may get better with repeated exposure. Youíre still wonderful even if it doesnít.
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Default Re: Public Speaking Anxiety

Originally Posted by CF17 View Post
I would like some opinion, comments, or suggestion from you.

I suffered many years with depression, but somehow I found a way to get my life back up and running. Recently I came back to college and I've noticed that I'm overwhelmingly anxious, which is a bit unusual for me.

I've always been shy in strange situations or among people I didn't know, but my fear of speaking in front of a group (even small) is incredibly frustrating. I enrolled at a public speaking class in order to overcome this fear, but every class is bringing me to a full PANIC level. I can't sleep, eat, relax, or do anything before it. The worst thing is that everyone else seems pretty confident and relaxed while I just 'freeze', get my face completely red and feel weak, like about to faint. Today was a horrible day for me because I felt completely embarrassed and ridicule after I failed at delivering a 1-minute presentation. When I left the room, I busted in tears and uncontrolled shakiness.

I'm a very articulated/ opinionated woman who studies 24/7, so this is really out of my control and depressing. I don't know what to do anymore...

Talk to your doctor about a propranolol prescription to use as needed for public speaking. Musicians are known to use it to steady their nerves for performances. People with extreme anxiety during public speaking have used it for years. That and practice. Join Toastmasters where you can get lots of practice and lots of support. Public Speaking Anxiety
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