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Default Eating disorder job problem

I had an eating disorder where I felt like I didn't deserve to eat and I used not eating to control my emotions. I was diagnosed with an eating disorder a few months ago. However, I've been eating better but only for a few weeks. I have been doing somewhat better overall but I still have emotional pain and am not too functional. So basically I just got an interview to work in an eating disorder treatment center. I do have an interest in psychology and helping others but I think I'm the one who needs the help. I have unresolved problems with being abused. I applied to go to a treatment center myself but I wasn't accepted because they thought biploar was my primary diagnosis and I was too manic at the time. So I really don't know what to do. For me there is a med that makes me eat but it makes me eat too much so I don't take it. So that makes me think I wouldn't get into a treatment center. Should I accept the job or try again to be put in a treatment center? The job is interesting to me because I've been through what they are going through but I don't know if I might be triggered by the girls and stuff like that. I still have troubles eating but it's not to the point where I couldn't eat if I had to. I usually skip breakfast and lunch though. There's another problem. My parents are pushing me to work and say me going to a treatment center is not what I should do they want me to do outpatient. And if I don't get this job there's a big chance I won't get another job at all since jobs are scarce where I live. Please help!
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Default Re: Eating disorder job problem

i can see your concerns in working at the treatment center. maybe putting together a pro/con list would help you make a decision.

one thing to consider is, if you work there, then you can take all the material you witness in your work there and apply it to yourself. talk to some of the staff on the sly with questions you have concerning your personal issues once you have befriended them. if you work there for a long time, you could really benefit from hearing the same information over and over again. going there for treatment you will only hear it once.
kali's gallery disorder job problem

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Default Re: Eating disorder job problem

I agree with the above, make the most of the opportunity.Perhaps leave work at work - but while at work ask questions and keep an open mind as it may be beneficial.

Having a lived experience is special, however, you need to keep yourself, and your health, as stable as possible.
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