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Chat Welcome to the Anorexia forum

This is for emotional support and strategies for people who have issues around anorexia:

I hope you find this area helpful in your efforts to cope with this concern.

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Default Re: Welcome to the Anorexia forum

Thanks for creating this forum, i have had pretty bad eating problems (anorexia mostly) and my parents are starting to get worried, again thank you for creating this
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Default Re: Welcome to the Anorexia forum

Is this the right place to seek guidance, advice and support for those afflicted with eating disorders (namely, Anorexia)? I'm new here. I suffer from many different mental illnesses/disorders and have my reservations about talking, even though I know I need to. If I'm in the wrong place, would anyone be so kind as to point me in the right direction (forum)? I'm not very good with technology...
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Trig Re: Welcome to the Anorexia forum

Hello! I have 2 questions: Im afraid that im over the weight to seek help for anorexia. I also dont know how to tell my parents im like this, theyll just make fun of me. I cant trust anyone. I just want to be cared for and get help so i can end this hell. I enjoy the feeling of starving, but I don't wanna die now. I always get suicidal, but i don't actually want to die. Can anyone help me with how to tell parents about this?

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Default Re: Welcome to the Anorexia forum

I'm not able to see/access most of the threads here anymore. Ive had to newly register on the forums, I have come back to Psych Central because I haven't found other forums that are pro recovery.

I'm assuming this is because I am a new member but I would benefit from being able to engage and read the threads and posts
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