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Default A dilema - Antabuse

I am currently taking Antabuse and wish to continue taking it. It's the only thing that reliably helps me stay sober.

But I recently accepted a job as a cook with a fairly high end catering company. A lot of their recipes have wine in them.

If I stay on the Antabuse, I would be unable to taste any of these recipes while preparing them, as even the tiniest bit of alcohol can set off a reaction. I learned that the hard way. But that would mean disclosing that I'm on it, and asking for assistance re tasting.

But I really don't want to go off it, so I can taste the food, if it means risking a relapse, since that would probably cause me to lose the job anyway.

Disclosing is fairly low risk, as they only hire people with psychiatric diagnoses.



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A dilema - Antabuse

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I vote tell them.
good luck
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Default Re: A dilema - Antabuse

I would stay on it and tell them.

Your long term health and stability is most important. If you relapse, you won't have either, or a job.
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