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Default 12 Days Today

12 days off alcohol AND weed
I haven't really gotten out of bed off my computer in 24 hours.
i started crying and now I cant stop

I'm bipolar.
cant take lithium anymore because now i have thyroid problems
i'm borderline
i'm autistic
my parents met in AA and are abusive narcissists
i'm homeless
im alone
i dont know anyone in this city
i can't get out of bed
it's all so much
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hiI am sorry you are having a rough time right now. What has helped you to cope in the past?
Do you have a therapist to call. Are you on any other meds?
When is your next pdoc appointment?
I am bipolar 1 also, sober 21 days
It is hard in the beginning.
With out these addictions how are we to have fun? This is something that I need to learn.
I am sorry you are in bed all day.
Get up and take a shower that will feel good.
sorry you are suffering.
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Default Re: 12 Days Today

((((pazyamor)))) I'm so sorry you're struggling Be proud of yourself for fighting your addiction. I'm sorry you're struggling with everything else, though. Do you see a therapist? Can you afford it? I'm so sorry, please don't give up
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