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Default Alcoholism?

I started to drink when I was 15. At the beginning it was just fun with friends, I used to drink once, max twice a month, once I even had a half year break from drinking completely, simply because I didn't feel like it.

When I was 16/17 I had some very dark times and I started to drink alone, never too much, I used to steal alcohol from my parent's bar so I had to drink very little to make sure they wouldn't notice anything, but I always got tipsy at least, sometimes I mixed it with pills to make the effect more intense.

Later I got to hang out with a group of friends who were used to drink everyday. But it was always just a few beers, some wine, I've never really gotten to extremes.
I felt unhappy for hanging with folks, who didn't have much to offer in my life, only a bottle of alcohol, so I tried to look for some new people to actually get me out of that circle of friends, but everytime I sort of... attratced alcoholics, bohemians, people who didn't care much about their lives. So I couldn't really stop without going right against my closest friends.

I moved to a different country, it's been almost 10 years and I drink... well about every day. I never get very drunk, just tipsy to get into the mood, I actually hate being drunk, but I still basicaly do it every day. (I drank a half bottle of wine before writing this).

I've been told by my friends that I drink too much. Anytime when somebody calls me to hang out, it's never for a coffee, but always a beer or some other alcohol, because they know I'd alway be up for it...It pisses me off.

The fact is... that I know my line. I know how to drink to seem sober and how to drink to not get sick and I never ever cross that line. So I don't drink too much, just too often...

Is that alcoholism?
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Default Re: Alcoholism?

Congratulations on taking a look at your drinking and asking yourself if it's a problem. I can't tell you if you're an alcoholic, only you can make that decision. It's not even a medical term anymore. It's not so much how much a person drinks, as it is how drinking affects them, and if they can stop when they want.

As an experiment why not try going a month without drinking and see how you feel.


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