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Default Re: Welcome to the Psychotherapy forum

Seems like a cool place, thanks for having me!

I just have a question relating to the 'how to choose a therapist' linkie. It says:

Seek out a therapist with specific experience with your issue -- you don't want to be any therapist's first time client for the problem you're grappling with!

Well I've been to 2 therapists already, and I want to tell my story to as few more people as possible if you get my drift. Here are my biggest problems:

- suicidal thoughts (for about 10 years, haven't told the 2 therapists this part)
- masochistic (both social and moral)
- terrible self esteem

So what kind of therapist would have specific experience with 'my' issues, one that deals with sexual addiction? Obsessive compulsive disorder, or self esteem issues? Hopefully someone who has had some success with these issues can enlighten me.

And I'll not be holding anything back this time.

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