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Default Re: Surviving the next month and a half

Well, the work thing ended up okay, I got a very quick response to an e-mail I had sent, which saved my butt. I was lucky, people often donít respond to e-mails. Phew!

We got the keysto the new place earlier this week. We have plans to go out there this weekend to measure for the curtains, buy them and install them. Weíll also bring some boxes of stuff like winter clothes and kitchen stuff we donít use on a daily basis.

Weíve been asking around but havenít found a handyman yet. We are thinking of asking around the neighborhood when we are there this weekend. The houses are new and all need certain work done, so asking for someone who had done that work at another house seems like the best solution.

The guys doing the road repair broke a water main yesterday and left us without water for about 5 hours. Then it came out all dirty and smelly. Fortunately, it was better by this morning. Both my husband and I figured that something like that could happen!
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