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Default Re: Is anyone using Medical Marijuana?

I continue to really really struggle with this.

I have been taking an edible dose every night at bed time. I *thought* I was getting used to it... and working my way up. But the other night I took a dose (the exact dose I had taken 4 nights before) and it had a strange reaction. It didn't help that it was bad weather and I was awakened by a hard bang when my storm door was blown open by the wind.

But I got back to my bedroom and I had severe anxiety. I could not sleep for 4 more hours and I felt just horrific. Shakey etc.

I can't tell if there was a dosing issue with the edible or if it is a situation that if you fire up your nerves on pot you can't fire them down easy.

So I purchased a vape pen and cartridge. I don't know what I am doing with this and I find it hard to find directions (the pen didn't come with directions) but I took one draw off it (in error -- I was just trying to see if it worked) and I can't really tell that anything happened at all.

I feel like everything I do... takes time to really get good at it..but I have been doing this for over a month.

Maybe some people just aren't cut out for drugs. Is that possible? I mean in my normal life almost 99% of prescription drugs that I take do not agree with me.
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