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Originally Posted by ennie View Post
Do you journal your thoughts? Do you keep them or throw them away? When do you usually journal?
I usually journal in the morning. I write very messy and after I am done, the papers go through the shredder so that I can move on with my day.
But if the remaining thoughts follow me, I will even journal during the day (I always keep a pen and a notepad in my car) or before bedtime to empty out my thoughts onto the paper. Again, I shred them.
I never keep my journal. I can never be one of those people who open their journal and say, "This is how I felt in 2001." But I think it's neat that some people can do that.

I love to journal my thoughts. However, I find it kind of funny that even though I am insistent on doing this, I hardly ever go back and read what I've written. It's almost as if the act of writing is the therapy itself. I keep a small moleskin notebook and a pen on me at all times. This is especially helpful to write down things that I actually do want to re-read later, such as a song I heard on the radio or a book someone recomends that I would like to read.
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