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Default Re: Wondering If I Might be on the Asperger's Spectrum as a Woman

@ downandlonely....I had indications before I was 3, it just wasn't verbalized by anyone in my generation. I am not severe. No one has noticed me as autistic in my 52 years of life...I believe that is the very reason I may not have been noticed ,for myself..I was high-functioning and seemingly intelligent...but I have had the same awkward prevalent behavior as you have noted you experienced for yourself...I have been aware of symptoms before age 3, not because anyone has mentioned it to me in my family, but just because I needed to recall it for myself, and I have a memory before age 3, some of supplemented by photos, the circumstances, for which my memory can't recall, but my family has filled in the gaps, and I recall circumstances that I don't think I would have achieved without their input...I have memories...really not even full memories...just "flashes" in my mind, of something occurring and how I reacted or behaved...Do you have any of those moments for yourself?

My takeaway from "stim" is a repetitive action used as a self-soothing device to keep us "in check". "We" need something that helps us soothe beyond what our environment has to offer. That is what I have gleaned from "stim"
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