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Default Re: Cha cha boochie cha cha cha boochie ROLL CALL

Today was intense. I had a family event that tiggered old memories and made me think about a lot of things.
I feel like I have never been loved for who I am as a person. Everyone in my family has a role, and mine is to be quiet, look pretty and never complain or ask for anything.
I'm tired of living just to please other people.
I'm feeling hurt and disappointed right now. I met this uncle today who I used to adore as a kid, and now I realize he's just as superficial and empty as the rest.
Maybe the saddest part is that I never let anyone get close enough to get to know the real me. I still don't know how to that. Most of the relationships I used to see as "special" or "meaningful" years ago feel like a fraud now.
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