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Default Re: Anyone Who Can Relate?

There are times when the person taking care of things comes across something new and doesn't know what to do. I am going through that now, and I wonder if that is what you were talking about James.

I read that the thing to do is keep going and even-tu-ally - event-ually but not for some time - things will get clearer. I read that in a magazine, lol, but it sounds like just what I don't want to do when I'm scared and don't understand what to do to make things better. But usually event-ually I find out what is up and what to do about it.

The magazine said: don't judge yourself, do things that you find comforting however silly they might seem it's ok. Like putting your books in alphabetical order might seem silly but feel ok.

I remember something else we read saying that when we are triggered our thinking goes fast and complicated so the thing is to slow down and do one small thing at a time. I am going to look up that book right now.

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