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Default Re: TMI: PMDD and new heavy periods

The struggle is real. PMDD is the Worst, I had my tubes cut, tied and burned at 22, after a complicated pregnancy and c section, since then periods have never been the same. My PMDD is so bad that it would start 7-10 days before my period and I'd be a raging crazy lady who hated everyone and everything until it would come. I tried everything, B vitamins, magnesium, all the things. Like you, birth control isn't an option, it causes me all kinds of problems.

On a side note....that must be a thing, women with birth control sensitivities seems to be the ones with the worst PMDD, from what I have seen with girl-friends over the years.

Great News! There is a fix, if you can take it. I'm on Effexor and Wellbutrin (be very careful if you try that combo, start super small on the dosage, it can easily cause serotonin syndrome, it happened to me). And it's wonderful. I don't even want to eat all the carbs or chocolate, I don't yell at my man or cry hysterically anymore during the pre-period point. It' such a relief! Totally fixed it. Also, I do set my calendar with an alarm to tell me 10 days before my period, it says "take it easy, Hormones!" just so I remember if I feel a little off or sad or grumpy, it's probably just my hormones so I need to be nice. LOL. You know the feeling! If you are in a relationship and you like painting your nails, paint them red for a week every month when you are struggling. To remind your partner it's about that time, so please be sensitive. Hope this helps. Also, if you haven't tried the cups yet, they are great! I switched to the Luna Cup and leak proof panties for night time, it makes it a bit nicer.
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