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Default Re: The discomfort between sessions and emails

I saw my therapist today and asked him again why he no longer replies to emails. It just felt so difficult earlier in the week when it felt like I wouldn’t see him for a while and I was afraid that I was starting to get all negative. I told him I felt bad about sending an email asking him to reply, and he said, “you felt bad being vulnerable and expressing a need?” He thinks this is coming from a younger place and there is nothing wrong with expressing it. He said he thinks that I have in some way expressed to him that I can tolerate these emotions, but would prefer not to and he thinks it’s important for me to feel the emotions. He said he’s never been comfortable with replying to my emails but did it because he thought he needed to or I’d leave therapy in the beginning. He apologized for the way he communicated the stopping of email replies to me, and said he will always read my emails and will never stop doing that. We’re also starting twice/week next week.
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