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Default Re: Wish I Could Be Done

Originally Posted by Thirty shades View Post
Our smile is a huge part of communication. It doesn't mean you are flirting in itself. Smiling shows you are happy, it can be a warm welcome etc...
That was a close example bc I cannot tell you the real thing bc it has to do with my beliefs concerning the hereafter and we are not allowed to speak on that. Basically - the people were saying we could not kiss until married bc if we did that was (1) foreplay and (2) similar to incestuous relationship in spiritual terms bc of the way people within the belief are referenced (only brother/sister or husband/wife .. no other references within the main texts)

I thought it quite ridiculous.

Kissing is used for a whole slew of things other than that, almost a form of communication of a type. To say "wow! Thank you So much!" , to say "hi/bye/good morning/good night" to say "i love you" (not "i lust for you"), to say "its going to be ok", etc So ... yea. It got into a big war of sorts.
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