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I don't want to be a downer on your enthusiasm, but it's my experience that AA and WFS do not coexist all that peacefully. Why do you want a sponsor.. You need to be very clear on that, before you start looking for a sponsor. And the primary purpose in most cases, of a sponsor, is to help you work the 12 steps, and get integrated into AA. An AA sponsor would not be qualified and indeed would probably not be interested in WFS's statements.

Also the 2 programs start at different points. AA insists that you admit you are powerless and that only a higher power can help you stay sober. WFS says it's your personal responsibility to stay sober and improve your life. This difference in philosophy is a pretty big divide.

Some women in WFS do attend AA, for IRL support of being with other people who have the same addiction, but you have to keep the 2 somewhat compartmentalized. At AA don't talk about WFS and on the WFS forums don't talk about AA except tangentally.

If you're serious about exploring WFS as your recovery program, order the beginner's bundle. It has stuff to get you started.

Just my opinion.

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