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Default Re: Tapering off Clonazepam

I'm not especially familiar with that protocol for decreasing benzos, but it wouldn't be likely that I'd know because I've never taken benzos that often in my history. I do hope you experience success doing that! I've heard that benzos are maybe one of those drugs you don't want to depend on too much. Obviously if there's a medical need for it, sure, take it. But definitely be sure to check in here with your progress. Do you have some reasons listed out why you're going off of benzos? Maybe you could list some things just so if it gets tougher at any point to stick to the plan, you would have some motivation. Obviously I'm not recommending an all-or-nothing approach, in which you'd just plow through withdrawal symptoms no matter what. But it might be helpful to assess every couple weeks or so. It sounds like you're doing a lot to help yourself out during this process, such as meeting with the pdoc often, etc. Also, great idea in starting a thread about it.
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