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Default Re: Wish I Could Be Done

Originally Posted by Crypts_Of_The_Mind View Post
If I can get sleep I probably will be ok, yes.
I am sorry you feel as you do .. is it at times or all the time? I ask bc what you describe was the hopeless feeling I once had all the time. If it's only sometimes, I hope now is not one of those times. ❤

Hi, thanks Crypts_Of_The_Mind. If I'm to be honest, now is one of those times, but there are other times when I manage to convince myself through self talk that everything's okay. But it's basically a daily cycle of this. Thanks all the same though, I mean, we can only do our best. It's mental illness.

I hope things will change for you soon though, and you manage to get a good nights sleep. Yes, that can make a difference.

I'm glad PC is here.
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