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Default Re: Wish I Could Be Done

I can empathise with you here. People can be so cruel.

IRL they have no understanding of what it is like for us and that we don't actively choose to be AS IS.

Online they don't give a second thought to who they are typing to. Who cares if we spell a word wrong. They understood the word enough to correct it. They have an ego with a problem.

Crypts_Of_The_Mind you are smart, (I only have seen you post recently) your posts are intelligent and insightful. You are nice and kind enough always supporting others.

Others makes us feel like we are the problem but we are not. We have the right to be AS IS. We are nicer, kinder and more caring than people who trigger us.

I am finding some relief from learning to be my own friend. When the pain comes, I stop, try to relax and focus on the pain inside. I ask it kindly would it like to be my friend. I bond with it and it subsides.

Much love to you
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