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Default Wish I Could Be Done

Tired of people on and offline getting irritated at me for reasons I don't understand. Tired of feeling like I must just not be good enough, nice enough, smart enough, or just plain "enough". Tired of feeling I'm nothing to nobody, unless they want to get upset at me. I know there's a few exceptions to my "nobody" and etc statements so please don't come at me correcting me for that. You can tell me if you are one exception (of course I may already know ❤) but don't just correct my wording please, that is very triggering for me and tonight I just truly don't feel like making the extra little effort to refrain from absolute words, so just let me indulge this once, ok?

Truly I just feel I wish I could be done. I have no more energy. My enthusiasm is gone. Everything just feels empty to me again..
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