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Default Re: Did you make friends on the ward?

The one time I was in an adult ward, I fell for a girl that was there.

She was in there because she was suicidal. Her boyfriend was abusive to her and she was struggling with depression from it.

We clicked early on and started talking a lot and holding hands. The only thing that kept her from wanting to be with me was our age difference. At the time, I was 21 and she was 28. She said if I was a few years older she would probably be hitting on me.

I was one of the only guys there who was nice to her in a non creepy way. She was attractive so a lot of guys were hitting on her and making sexual jokes and other weird stuff. I tried my best to comfort her and make her feel better. After I left, we parted with a hug.

We were going to keep in contact outside of the psyche ward. I only heard from her once after we both discharged and she seemed to be doing alright. She fell off the face of the earth soon after though. Sometimes I still worry about her. I hope she found a guy that isn't an abusive prick to love her because she was a sweet girl.
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