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Default Re: Second nerve block procedure

Originally Posted by Fharraige View Post
I have chronic lower back pain from a curved spine and degenerative discs. I'm going to my last RF ablation for a while. I had the first set done last October and it lasted about a year, so I was eager to do it again this year.

Not so eager now, though. I had a different doc do my left side. While the pain is going down slowly, I'm not given anything except a muscle relaxer in between sessions. Same doc doing the right side in about an hour. I don't remember being in this much pain last year.

Nurse says it's like a burn, so put ice on it three-four times a day for 20 minutes at a time. Still would like pain killers, but doubt that would happen.

Does anybody else do this?
Hi I am so glad you shared this! My husband just had the injection part pre-ablation and in 2 weeks he goes again. He has horrible back pain that kinda started in the lower back close to the hip from arthritis. He is only 45 so it struck him hard that he had arthritis. Do you think that even though it only lasted a year that it relieved the pain? His doctor is hoping he gets 5 years out of it. He has been seeing this doctor for over a year now and had been given trammadol which I am sure you know does nothing for the severe back pain- at least it didnt for him. He went through the hoops of weight loss(he was only 15lbs overweight) and PT which made him hurt more. I am still trying to understand why doctors prescribe PT when it hurts so much but he did it. Finally before the first procedure the doctor gave him some percocet which, despite the hype around how awful it is really really helps.
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