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Default Re: Can I write about my writing?

Originally Posted by HappyCrafter View Post

I have read that self-promotion is a no no. What about feedback on writing I have put together?

I am a mental health blogger; I have put a short eBook together covering my background and how I became a bully and an internet troll. I will also produce chapters detailing how I turned my life around.

Can I post any of that on here to share what I am doing and, honestly feedback would be helpful. I live on government disability and cannot afford to pay anyone to edit my writing or give me feedback on it.

What can I do here?

Thank you so much!!
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I don't think this I considered self-promotion at all! I don't think you are trying to sell anything, just get some feedback. This maybe has already been answered but maybe put your writing in the creative corner.

I would love to read it and would gladly give you feedback.
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