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Default Re: Running or dancing

Thank you for your post NoNightOwl. You made me realise that I have to get on with it again - just came back from a walking trip where I was too tired and too cold, and there was too little space between my bed and the wardrobe to exercise.

You do sound very demanding of yourself. Considering that you had a bad cold, I think you were amazing going to gym at all and it was a good idea not to do all your usual routine. I find that when I have a virus exercising hypes me up, makes me feel "better" and then my body crashes down hard afterwards. Do you find that ever?

I am now back to exercising this evening, and I have something to say about that. Some people have mentioned on this thread that exercising makes them feel bad, and for me it's true that exercise often brings up emotional pain that I've been suppressing. That's both good (I get a sense of contacting my real self) and not rewarding of my effort.

But sometimes also, exercise gives me a clean, pure emotional state - like my body wants to sing. Not often mark you.

I am thinking lots about who I am (???) when I'm not doing something, or being useful for someone else - and exercise helps me a little with that.

Wishing all of you well!

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