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Originally Posted by NothingPeopleDo View Post
I agree, if I drink in social environments I can become “misunderstood” lol. I have agreed to not drink around new people cause it can become first last situation quite easily. I have moved to a different part of the country where people don’t have the same type of humor like where I came from. Different way of life is a bit of a challenge as well. I will say I have cam a long way from the past but NPD has made my life very difficult. Recognizing the traits that I have relied on only strengthens my weakness. Knowing I am not alway who I portray to believe was much easier to deal with prior to NPD diagnosis. Talk about skeletons in the closet!!! Anyway my life is a constant struggle with this. Be me and fall into what I was or try to be better and see how damaged I am. NPD is really the ultimate in insecurities and nothing more. Living a life as what we imagine is not healthy. Admitting faults, laughing at yourself, realizing I am human is not as easy as it should be. At the end of the day it’s nice to see others like me here. Although I do not come here that often I have been here for many years. I have had much success with dealing with my true self by coming here. For those that have been around I used to go by “Underground”, may bring back more memories for some, others none. Anyway, good to see that I still recognize many here. Thanks for reading!!
I think something that "normals" don't realize is that people with many PD's or mental Illness do not even realize that they are not "normals" themselves in many cases. It's not until it is brought to our attention that we are different that there is even an awareness. Therefore, we charge through this life thinking everyone is the same as us, and we react and behave as such in many instances.
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