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Default Re: Diabetes Support Thread

Originally Posted by Gr3tta_0 View Post
Yesterday my wife ran the gambit from a bs of 20, to over 500.
She also had dialysis which can play a role. Today so far she's doing much better. 😊
I'm hoping she can help a little with folding laundry, not at all because i mind, but because i know she wants to contribute. I'm going to clean up the kitchen.
She has a home a home PT referral in the works, and i would be mortified if someone saw a dirty stovetop or something. *eek!*
It might have to wait until after her eye surgery now, I'm not %100 percent, but that would make sense.

Happy weekend! Be healthy, but stll keep it fun! Wishing all the best. ❤
It sounds like your wife has a lot of difficulties with complications from her diabetes,having dialysis can't be easy.I hope her eye operation goes well and is successful Gr3etta.It is wonderful that she has you to keep house and home ticking over and to do the cleaning,you sound like an excellent husband.
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