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Default Re: How did an inpatient stay help you?

Whenever Iíve had psychosis Iíve ended up at the hospital maybe 14 or more times for many months each time.I love hospital and would rather be in hospital than the real world,itís just because of my favourite hospital that Iíve been going to for almost eight years.itís new in a holiday area so lots of nature,itís nice and calm there and quiet,I always feel a lot better when Iím there,always excited to go there.The staff are very caring or they use to be,and normally when I go in Iím feeling very unsafe (I have schiz) and all the security,locked doors and staff watching makes me feel much more secure and I stop worrying which really eases everything.I love not having internet as I find I paint,write,draw,dance to the radio and do more valuable things.I also make many friends on the ward and the friendships are more authentic and honest.Dont like the food on the ward thatís the only thing I would change,itís not healthy but weíre lucky to get food at all.The mentally ill in some third world places get tied to a tree and left there for days with nothing.
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