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Default Re: Weight loss and exercise #2

Late last night, I happened to be down in the bathroom in sleep shorts, a shirt and wearing the sling (which is one of the padded ones, not just cloth) and decided to step on the scale. It read 162. Taking away the clothes and sling might put me just under 160, but just barely. My true weight is probably closer to 155 or 156. Most of the difference is inflammation and fluid retention. It seems to be reactionary; totally unrelated parts of my body, like the fingers of my right hand (surgery was on left shoulder) are slightly swollen.

Calories both of the last 2 days have been right around 1500. I plan to continue low calories for a while. I went crazy the last 2 days before surgery, especially the day before. I gave myself nearly free reign because of my plan to cut nearly all sweets during rehab. Until I feel sure the effects of the surgery (on weight) have cleared up and I see weights consistently below 155, I will stay at 1500 plus what little exercise I get. Hopefully exercise will improve soon; I should be able to do recumbent cycle at the gym and getting bandage off tomorrow means more shirts will fit. I can only wear XL or larger button down shirts with the giant bandage on.
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