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Default Re: Adderall and treatment resistant Depression

Hey listen, I am very sorry that I upset you or made you angry and I did not mean to invalidate your experience all so please accept my apologies. Maybe I was triggered and did not know it, its very possible. And I should do a better job of remembering that the whole world doesnt revolve around me and my experiences. I truly apologize.

Originally Posted by susannahsays View Post
I never said that's how it works for everyone. I think you are triggered by what I said because of your own addiction issues (with alcohol), so you don't like that I characterize my experience as addiction. However, you can follow all the rules and still become addicted. I know my reality. And I really don't need you to tell me how my addiction has affected me. Just because I'm not out prostituting myself to buy adderall off the street doesn't mean my life isn't severely disrupted and dictated by my adderall needs. And my psychiatrist is aware of this issue, so I'll let her be the judge of what meds I take, not you. I'm not sure why you take exception to me sharing my experience with the stuff. For many, many people stopping adderall is very difficult. I have been taking it constantly for 13 years. You have, by your own admission, had at least one 9 month plus break for pregnancy.

I still got some benefit from adderall until maybe 1-2 years ago. I was also prescribed a much higher dose than many people - 60 MG. I successfully reduced that to 40 MG a year ago, but it was painful.

And no, I do not think adderall is comparable to an antidepressant. An antidepressant doesn't immediately make you feel better. It's much harder to stop using a substance when you know you can get immediate effects from it. There's a reason adderall and certain other drugs are considered addictive. In any case, I would actually say I am dependent on my antidepressants and other meds, and my body is physically addicted. But this thread is about adderall.

People should be aware of the possible drawbacks, that's all. I still wish I'd never started on it.

Edit: The FOR YOU was rather hostile and unnecessary. I shouldn't have to post a disclaimer when sharing my experiences informing readers that my experiences are my own. That should be obvious.
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