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Default Re: Anyone Who Can Relate?

Originally Posted by Só leigheas View Post
Hi, I'm James. Just trying to reach out to others with DID. I'm 25 and am kind of a gatekeeper (which is getting exhausting).
Hi James I am integrated now but I did have alters some who I called alters/ gate keepers but my alters did not call their selves alters and gate keepers.

my alters didnt even know they were by psychological definitions alters / gate keepers. when I was so triggered that I would have my dissociation symptoms the alter that took care of that trigger would come out and function just like any other human being.

example Rainy didnt think of herself as a protector/ gate keeper / alter/ fragment or what ever. she thought of her self like a little girl between the ages of preschool to 10 (we never knew her exact age) she just like any human girl would change out of wet clothing, make a cup of hot chocolate and PB&j sandwich, get her blanket and sit on the sofa watching tv and eating just like any other normal human being her age.

Another example Thelma did not think of herself as a protector/ gate keeper of intimacy. just like any other normal teen ager/ young adult she would get dressed, put on make up and go out on dates and handle any intimacy moments I and my intimate partners had.

its very rare among anyone that I know for their alters to call their self alters and gate keepers. so it may take a long time if ever someone is so triggered while on psych central that they switch into an alter that does call their self an alternate and gate keeper to the person that they are born in instead of considering their self just like any other human person.

maybe you can post about things you like to do and others who have alters, can tell you if their alters do the same things. and on a rare occasion if someone gets triggered into their dissociation symptoms, while reading psych central, their alters will see your post and reply to you.
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