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Default Tapering off Clonazepam

Had my appointment to talk about tapering off clonazepam with my pdoc on Thurs. He's agreed to use the Ashton protocol which hugely relieves me. He's also not pushing for a fast taper, he's saying a minimum of 6 months. And he wants to see me every 2 months, to monitor how I'm doing, which is fantastic.

I've started the taper. I've dropped my dose by .25 mg from 3.5 mg. I'm having some minor side effects but nothing huge. I'm staying at 3.25 for 2 weeks, then I'll go down to 3 mg for a couple of weeks, and then start the Ashton cross taper and reduction.

I'm going to use this thread to keep track of how I'm doing.

Any encouragement will be appreciated.

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