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Default Re: Surviving the next month and a half

Ugh, just made a stupid work mistake.

The guy next door has been banging on the shared wall and doing a lot of other stuff to be loud today. It feels like an earthquake between that and the road work. Even putting on headphones didn't help much and I need to make phone calls, which is tough.

So, I am not fully concentrating and let something that needed to be done today slip. I feel so stupid and my boss is not thrilled, exactly what I didn't need.

I think as soon as we have a clear move date I will buy a huge calendar and mark off every fewer day of living in this hell with a big X!

My husband is wondering if the owner is even going to bother fixing up the place when we move. She may think since the rental market is so tight, someone will rent it anyways. Maybe furniture guy could move over here and fix the place up. He has the tools. I feel for whatever poor soul has to live here next because it's their only option.
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