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Default Re: Surviving the next month and a half

Originally Posted by rechu View Post
I have been going through a trying time lately. My husband and I have been stuck in a substandard living situation with a landlord who is elderly and doesnít think she needs to maintain the property. Our city has a housing shortage and rents have shot up while landlords are making increasing demands on anyone applying to rent, so moving wasnít really an option.
If your interested in making a difference you could report them to whatever department oversees housing and landlord issues.
Then, the worst neighbors moved in next door 6 months ago. Itís a duplex, so we share a wall. They are rude and look to cause conflict. They have seven cats that fight constantly, start fights with neighbors over parking spots (we now park several blocks away to avoid problems) and the husband is running an illegal furniture workshop, using power tools all day. Some issues could be brought up with municipal authorities, but these people are seriously scary and the rest of us on the street fear retaliation.
Have you considered the police? if they are that scary you need to protect yourself. Let me tell you.. I get it about the noise. I have neighbors that decide to do yardwork at 8pm firing up the leaf blower and I hate the sound. My other neighbors were putting on an addition and the husband works so I get to hear power tools all evening long. unfortunately if they arent violating a noise ordinance then its just an annoying thing you have to put up with. Sometimes I wear ear plugs. And in perspective people have the right to build and do yard work whenever they want as long as its done by 10pm. And my husband has to do yard work too so I try to practice tolerance but its not easy.

I work from home, so the noise from the sawing and catfights is bothers me all day. I am the type of person who hates loud noise, so it has me on edge constantly. Now they started tearing up the street one block from me with heavy equipment, so the noise is even worse.
Road work sucks. Here they can start at 7 and even though I am up everyday at 4 it still annoys me.


I am trying to focus on the positive part, but it is hard when every day is a struggle. While the end result of moving will be positive, moving is going to be a lot of work and stress too. We need to have work done on the place before we can move, and we donít get the keys until February 5th. So, I am looking at a month and a half or so of this noise, chaos, etc. until I can hopefully be settled in and get a break.
yes focus on the positive. 6 weeks can be done. Just keep the end goal in sight.

I wish I had the answer for coping with stress better. I use the ear plugs for noise that grates on me. i try deep breathing and it does work if I really practice it. its not so much about calming down but the actual oxygen you flood your body with by deep breathing is what helps those gaba receptors kick in a do their job. Some days are better than others for me.
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