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Default Re: In Session Today: Part VI

So I went to T. I really don't like her but whatever. She wants me to journal which I'll start the mood/thought/event chart tonight. She wants me to take a walk or do sit ups any time I want to hurt myself. Iíd be doing sit-ups all day. Thatís kinda the point though isnít it? Iím learning I complain about the boys to much and I really need to stop. She says Iím enabling but everyone has roles in a household, right? I didnít tell her about how my depression feels. She asked if I wanted to hurt myself I could only shake my head yes and she asked if I needed the hospital I shook my head no and squeaked out ďI wouldnít do anything.Ē I would do anything to get rid of this pain. I know thatís a slippery slope. It sucks knowing a couple solutions but being unable to do them because they frowned upon. Itíll just make it look like Iím doing worse than I actually am. She made sure I have a Pdoc appointment. I donít see the point in doing this anymore. I kinda just want to fade away anyway. Why canít I just do that? Why is that wrong? Sheís already frustrated with me and itís the 3rd time I see her. Iím the best at introductions. (sarcasm).
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