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Default Re: I can use some pocket riders

Well, I had my session today. We spoke briefly about the issues that are stressing me: my T still being out on medical leave, and my job.
Then I asked him if he knew my prior Pdoc, and he said yes, and spoke highly of him. A lot of people around here were really bummed when he retired; he was the best.
Anyway, I asked current Pdoc if he could get my records from former Pdoc, because at one time, old Pdoc thought I might be Bipolar II. Current Pdoc advised that the records might not exist anymore, because of the 7-year rule. But I think he will talk with or email my previous Pdoc, anyway. Then we talked some more about what Bipolar II looks like, and he told me I am not Bipolar II. So I don't have to start worrying about any new symptoms that might suggest that, because if I WERE Bipolar II, he would have to make some critical meds changes. He is confident that I am not Bipolar II. We talked about some of my work issues and told me to watch myself to see if I could discover any triggers for my anxiety and/or panic. Then, afterward, try to see what I could have done differently, to avoid anxiety and/or panic.
I want to say "TYVM" to all my pocket riders; your jumping in, though a little tight, really helped a lot.--Cool
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